Artist Juliana Loomer

Juliana Loomer 

 b. USA 1970 

current: Norway 


• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA



• Marin Society of Artists Group Spring Show, April - May 2007 • Collective Gallery Group Show, Sept - Oct. 2007 


• Group Exhibition Bien Kunst Galleri. Oslo, Norway, Feb-April 2012
• Group Exhibition Galleri Dragedalen. Oslo, Norway, July - August
• Solo Exhibition Galleri Dragedalen. Oslo, Norway, Sept 2012 -2013
• Group Exhibition Stockholm Art Fair. Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 2012
- Special recognition from the royal art advisor to the Princess Victoria. 


• Group Exhibition EVOLVE. Aeon Gallery, Richmond, Illinois. July - Oct. 2019 

 Group Exhibition Rapture. Aeon Gallery, Richmond, Illinois. Oct - Jan. 2020


• Private Collection, US Embassy, Oslo, Norway
• John Hammervoll, Oslo, Norway
• Per Vinje, Oslo, Norway
• Private Colleciton, Oaklahoma City, Oklahoma 

• Private Colleciton, Winnipeg, BC, Canada 

• Private Collection, Oslo, Norway
• Private Collection, New Brunswick, Canada

• Private Collection, Yonkers, NY
• Private Collection, Askoy, Norway
• Private Collection, Skien, Norway 



“Millions of people have seen my work, they just don’t know it.” 

Juliana Loomer has worked as a digital artist in the entertainment industry in California making artwork for films such as Revenge of the Sith, StarWars 30th Anniversary re-releases, Indiana Jones 4 as well as Die Hard 4 and more. 

Largely self-taught, at 30 years old, Juliana pursued a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and experience in the high-expectation world of visual effects, Juliana has developed a painting style that not only fools the eye with the illusion of reality, but also inspires the heart. 

Sacred/profane symbolism with attention to mood are important themes of her work. Her time is spent searching for the eternal beauty in her subjects. Her ability to manifest her imagination leaves the viewer in no doubt of the dedication Juliana has placed in her works. 


Art saved my life.

Not a lot of us were born into the perfect circumstances and often we carry pain into our adult life which can limit our happiness and choices. 

I found in my late teen years that it was hard to have hope for the future and see anything but sadness. Creating an art practice gave me a sense of purpose and gave me a sense of accomplishment to build a stable foundation on. 

I hope you take the time to explore creativity for yourself, for the joy of it and for the healing it can bring.