Art Saved My Life

Art Saved My Life

For me it has always been art.

Being abused as a teenager in my home left me with lack of hope for the future and constant need to make the outer world match how I felt inside; dark. It is really hard to build a life on the need to reinforce depression and darkness so many life choices were not ideal.

I started using art very early to process the emotions and my pain. At first it was hard to get into it. Art requires you to be present with yourself and make decisions at each step of the process. Sometimes it works out and you make something beautiful, sometimes it does not. 

Once I started disciplining myself to spend a half hour each morning before school or work to do something totally for myself, I began to learn so much about myself and began to see where the cracks in my happiness were.

Making art daily surprised me with how often I made work that healed a little more of my damaged self until I found I no longer needed it.

In my adult years, my art practice has become about expressing joy and hope. Art fixed me. Creativity healed me. An art practice gave me discipline to explore my emotions in a safe place and patch up the wounded part of myself that kept me from living my dreams.

I would like the books I am creating here for you to be a part of your practice. Start a practice today and create just for the joy of it. See what you feel without judgement. No realization is bad or good; just information to build on.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to send your feedback or share your story. 

- Juliana


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